Monday, August 16, 2010

Indpendence Day Spirituality

Few days before 15th August
The students of various school and colleges start practicing for the marching on Independence Day in the parade to show respect to our national flag. This activity is absent through out the year except once more, before the republic day.
In the shops the Triranga appears to be sold in from small to big sizes.
14th August
Today in the evening the weather was dry. I got a chance for my road roaming what I usually do when I am at home. 6 kms of walk along the main road of the town. There was a different air in the atmosphere. As usual people walked and vehicles wheeled. As I got neared to the gym, that is by the road side the boundary walls  of it were painted in our national flag manner and in big it was written ‘INDEPENDENCE DAY’. There were around ten fellows busy in the work. These fellows building their body in the gym were building the pre-preparation for celebration of Independence Day. The police jeep was patrolling because this area comes under the Naxalite belt and in my district also there has been a lot of violence by these Indian-non-Indians.
Then I turned towards MG road. A statue of father of our nation is there in the junction it is not a full statue of Mahatma Gandhi but the portions that you find in your passport size photo that is the upper part. The place was decorated with colored papers of several designs. Unfortunately on the other days anyone seldom spends a glance on the statue. Most of the schools have also done it today. Tomorrow a big day for all Indians. Our Tri-colored flag will be flying high.
15th August
In the morning I woke up, the eyes still not opened and I could hear …Bharat desh hai mera..’. India was waiting for this day to celebrate the 64th independence day, a glorious day that reminds us the sacrifices of great lives for the freedom of our country. A day that hardly reminds us of our responsibilities to the country, and we realize that today is a holiday, sad but true.
So the little children the true Indian citizens holding the national flag in their hands and waving it, they only know what patriotism is because they are yet to see the world. In my town after the flag hoisting in their respective schools and colleges and organizations, Indians headed towards the stadium, where the Important Personality had to do the flag hoisting. Then the national anthem.This is one of the two occasions when the whole town stands together at a place.
The morning time is very special today. Every where only patriotic songs are being played. Meri desh ki dharti sona ugle…., apni azadiko hum hargiz mita sakte nahi, a mere pyare batan.   the most beloved song Vande mataram. The songs make us feel glorious; they burn a fire of patriotism in us. And I think if these songs were played everyday then perhaps it can bring changes in the mind. But they are played only for a day or 2 days in a year No matter, though the heart is inclined towards the country for one day. This one day patriotism means a lot. Indians feel proud to be an Indian on this day unlike any other day.  If there are little kids at home then only there is a chance of seeing the National flag at home else I hardly find it at most of the Indian houses (there is one on my table).  15th August turns everyone of the country a true Indian. The TV channels put a flag neat the logo of their channel and the movie channels show patriotic movies, in news there is how the day is celebrated.
16th August
Today there is no inspirational songs are heard. Everything becomes as it is on other days. The one day patriotism, if it could become a 10 minutes a day devotion to the country……
Otherwise the nation waits till 26th January and then the next 15th August.  
Ab tumhare hawale batan sathiyon...

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Rinaya said...

Nice narrative..the before-after-long after effects are good.It's a pity we remember we are Indians only on 2 days in the calender...great observations :)