Thursday, August 19, 2010

I miss Those COUNTER STRIKE nights

3:16, a CS player later as BlackBird

This article is dedicated to my friends of JITM those who played COUNTER STRIKE passionately, those who watched the game and to them who enjoyed it.

The name of the game counter strike was just limited to the number of fingers of a hand plus one persons when it begun. Only these people played counterstrike (CS) in the hostel. The game started after Hostel 2 was provided with LAN.  The game, at first, was not popular among the hoteliers.  But later on, gradually it started infecting the young minds such deeply that they welcomed the once stranger game with great enthusiasm. It spread like a contagious disease. Then formed the teams, counterstrike teams each consisting of five skillful and cooperative members, who were ready to fire and be fired at any moment.
As I was one of those 6 persons who pioneered CS in our college we formed teams splitting among them. The name of our team was Wild Hunters and the other team was Destronica.  There were more teams built to have fights among themselves. Everyday there were many counterstrike servers that allowed the desperados to shoot the opponent. Terrorists and counter terrorists and the strategic map, the various types of guns, pistols and ammunitions are the beauty of the game.
In every room of the hostel there were the gamers. Every day the teams played match. And before the match the strategy for each map was prepared. Five players sitting together in front of a system discussing what to do if any possible condition is encountered which we did not like to do for our studies. Five member of a team has to work as one body. That was the emotion of the game. A small mistake by a single member was a lot more vulnerable to the whole team; it could even cause a defeat.
It was just more than a game to us. We were devoted to the game; we sacrificed our time, sleep, food, more of studies for it. We christened ourselves with new names which made us distinguished us and they were our counterstrike names, which were very popular among us.  Everyday we played it for more than 8 hours and this is how we played. The PC or lapy in front of us, the eyes fixed to the monitor, one hand on the key board and the other riding the mouse and the fingers continuously hitting the keys for they were the controls for the game and the index finger clicking the mouse to fire the bullets from the gun of the game like we were pressing the trigger of a real rifle. Both the mental and physical emotion was attached to the game. After the match gets over yet it does not finish, there goes a heavy argument over how better we could have and would have played.  
At times we played the game for the whole night; we had become nocturnal by then. And there were these excited people who watched the game with a great curiosity.  Some times we picked up real fights among ourselves due to the game. It happened many times but still we enjoyed the game unlike we have enjoyed anything else.  I still remember those nights we fought with friends till we bled in the map of the strategic game.
Now days when I got to bed when clock ticks towards 12 am, I think it was never a time for me to go to bed; I used to play Counter Strike at this time. That hostel life with counter strike has now become a block just down the memory lane. I miss those strikers who quarreled at night and in the morning they were friends.
A few counter strike terrorists and counter terrorists I will remember forever
Bikash giri(James), Jones, Raka, Sthita, Sumeet, Akash, Manas, Kuna, Pragyan, Munna Bhai, Gajapati (majnu bhai), Bibhu, Tapan, Gokul, Jeje, Titanium, Devi anna, Punnya, Sandeep, Bibek, Kash, Bubu, Mickey, Arun(v), Pradeep Rolly, Sandy, Johney, Vishu, Adi, Rajan, Sovan, Padia Bhai, Anshu Bhai, Sid Bhai, Hrushi Bhai, Jyotish Bhai, Jhon Bhai, Ashis Rajput and of course the great admirer of CS Bankim Bhai .

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