Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Engineering karlo bada scope hai

A few days back I was going through the news paper and read there is a lot of vacancy for engineering students and the figure was 20000. Reading the line do you think it was about jobs? Yes, if you are thing that then u r abso100%lutely wrong. The number and vacancy is true but it is for the seats that are to be filled after the unsuccessful completion of 1st round counseling of OJEE.  Only 17000 students have joined the around 90 technical schools present all around the state of Odisha.  There is a possibility of multiple rounds of counseling like last year.
Engineer and engineering, these two words echoed in my ear 5 five years back. I wanted to be an engineer. Most of my friends were going in the same line. And there were only 44 colleges at the time I joined engineering. And with in 4 years they produced an equal number of colleges, such a great growth rate, wow, not really fascinating.
Why so many engineering colleges?
Of course 4 years back there was a great demand of engineering and it continued for 2 more years and the business man realized that it is really a very lucrative business. So they built the colleges.  And how the AICTE approved so many of them? It is a matter of total business, they pay to get paid. Now what to do if these money minded business men want to earn than those people also have the right to earn.  
And the biggest problem is engineering except IIT and NIT seems like a joke. Every science stream student is heading towards it. If that fellow is heaving any percentage of mark in the 12th exam that does not bother him. Because the standard of education in India has increased in such a way, for science stream student it seems engineering is the minimum qualification. Of course it is good for India.
Engineering college is fun
The class rooms are fun
The engineering college girls and friends are fun.
But after engineering struggling for a job for a long time is not fun.
I was talking about the scope of engineering. Am I deviating? No I have already mentioned 2 big scopes above.
So engineering, quite a heavy word, you get a bulk amount of money when you get a (good) job.
From one state there are so many engineers graduate every year, then due to the varying number of colleges in other states of India produces more in numbers totaling around 15 x105 to 18x105.  they look for engineering job, there occurs the drought in the field of employment. Because according to study only 25% of them are really eligible for industry.
What to do when committed a mistake? You think about that. But it gives the other people a huge benefit. Perhaps the economists should try to add a new term in the category of unemployment. I don’t bother about the types of unemployment but thanks to Engineering unemployed graduated they can add another term in economics, Engineering Unemployment.
You see how beneficial it is when you do engineering? That’s why it is said engineering karlo bada scope hai. The scope is such enormous that you look for a job with a telescope then also you will have to struggle for finding some space for you.
Think it well before you jump in the well of engineering. Choose a good career; engineering is not the final one.
(Don’t feel bad if you have just completed engineering and looking for a job or if you are pursuing engineering. It was my perception.)


Nilesh said...

If you have completed engineering with flying colours, don't worry. Lots of jobs around the corner. But let me remind, success is not a giveaway. everyfield, engineering or not, you have to work hard. You have to prove yourself and dedicate towards studies. Just getting a tag of engineer doesn't help. there are lots of states in India where you can buy a certificate. Juts passing out doesn't mean we become a good engineer. Thats why, if you feel that you can be good, no of colleges don't matter...

Chinmay Kumar said...

i think you could not catch the point right

though you have stated a nice proposition