Thursday, August 26, 2010

After price hike, MPs cry Salary Hike

Members of Parliament, people elected them for some purpose and they are busy doing the other. People expected them to work for the benefit of the countrymen, now they must realize their votes were a total waste.  How much favor the countrymen get from these clad in white black inside people, they only know.
They could not do much better to stop the price hike. Now who had to suffer? It is the people of the country. The reports state the percentage of people below the poverty line. The economy of most of the people is just average and there comes the price hike. One or two days you call for ‘Bharat Bandh’ in protest. What is the outcome? Bharat Bandh successful but causing a complete fiasco to what actually was demanded. The coolie in the railway station or bus stop would have earned a few hundred bucks; the rickshaw puller would have got some money from his labor. But he could not. The life of common man was paralyzed due to some of these MPs (mentally paralyzed).
Now perhaps a situation came that they could not escape price hike. After the restaurant bill, telephone bill and electricity bill, they demanded a bill which will pay them. They bring bills for people that are turned into rule, so they thought why they cannot do something for themselves. (Till now all they had been doing were for them only and that was less for them. So they arrived at this decision.)
The arguments were to increase the salary of MPs. Why do you people need salary? What you get is that not enough? And for what you people need more salary?
To clean your white clothes that became dirty because of your black inside. Or the amount of things you devoured was very less to give you energy to do more like what you have done before. Or you need to buy more food to shout aloud. Or you are sick of word war inside the house and now you gonna start arms fighting. Or you need to put cushion on the chair because there is pain in your ass sitting on the hard wooden surface.
‘Our salaries should be 80001 bucks, one rupee more than that of the secretary of government.’ One of the Congress MPs put this suggestion which is absolutely ludicrous.  For 1 rupee our MPs are ready to fight. Then you can conceive up to what extent they can go for the country. At last it settled at 50000/- just a little more than thrice of what they get now. The secretary of govt works and he deserves. But these MPs, do you think they really deserve? For shouting at each other, quarrelling and being unable to yield a favorable result. They are so eager to make rules that empower them or support them, then what is the reason people elect them? Do they realize their responsibility?  Most of the time the house remains dead due to their in-house-riots.
No, no. they are also citizen of India. They also have families to feed. And due to price hike it has become very difficult for them to run their family. So increase their salary by three times showing this allowance and that allowance.
The daily labor after toiling for 8 hours a day gets only 100/- which was 60/- earlier and he does not have a family to take care of? Pradhan mantri rojgar yojana says each people gets at least 100 days of work in a year of 365 days and that sums a total of 10000/- in a year which is one fifth of what an MP will get now in a month. And this expenditure because of the MPs totals about 105 crore a year. Cheers to the MPs.

So they were robbing the country in many forms earlier and yet they have not failed to invent new path.
Mr. MP you consume so much, if you get free time think of the common men who have voted for you.

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Rinaya said...

yes you are quite right here,its so ridiculous of the MPs to demand a pay hike & to top it all they aren't even happy with a 300% raise!
It speaks volumes about the Indian political scenario 7 what the country is amounting to.