Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Teaching Tree

I was sitting in the balcony silent, gazing outside to the tress. The rain was just over and they were so fresh. Looked more green after taking bath. I was sad and friendless at that moment. Last days in college, after today only one more day I will be spending in hostel. Will miss the hostel, friends and that is must. Various reasons bothered me. I felt like I was sick. 

In front of me only trees. I was interested in this particular tree which has red color flower that does not have smell. But there are no more flowers now. I was gazing at it. I felt like it told me something. 

Stand still. Feel the rain, struggle in the storm. Rejoice with the breeze. Though it is intolerable heat, you have to be in the sun. Face whatever situation comes. Become sad, be happy, Like me in the storm and wind, in the sun or rain. Be there till you are uprooted from life. There is a joy in living. Everything  comes and goes, still you will be standing at that place, my friend .

Yeah, all right. I thought. I don't have to be sad because I am sad. Sorrow or happiness, it will come and go. I just have to encounter it. I have to face whatever situation comes. And then only I will still be standing.

Thanks Teacher Tree.


amrita ray parida said...

a very beautiful way of expressin the truth of life...

Chinmay Kumar said...

Thank U