Tuesday, June 8, 2010

movies can be made without Big B or King Khan....

Once upon a time India I mean Bollywood made movies with the concept of love. Love was given a prime priority. That is true for a huge percentage of movies now also. There was hardly a movie with out a hero that falls in love with the heroine, then the villain comes into play and hero beats the villain and final scene is the arrival of Indian police, of all the things shown in the movie the only fact.

The another feature of Indian movie is the big iconic faces like Big B, King Khan,
Aamir Khan..... If they are in the movie, the perception of most of the people is the movie must be a good one. Because of this factor the movies make a good business.

Leaving the big faces behind Indian Cinema has moved a step further where we do not necessarily need the big budget movie with a high priced tag star. And Love is not the theme of the movie, that feels good. 

Movies like Thanks Maa, Firaaq and City of Gold have good concepts, they show the general aspects of life, what actually happens in life. They do not have big stars in it. But because people need entertainment more than understanding something is a big problem. Once come out of the imaginary world of love that is shown in the movies and face the ugly truth of life. 

It is time for the movie makers not to copy the theme of most of the movies from Hollywood movies( citing one example Heyy Baby from 3 men & a baby, and you will find a lot more) and keep the people off the love track and the boring songs of movies and show some creativity.

 Indian movie is improving day by day. It would perhaps be better if love is not the major theme of it.

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siddhant said...

Reality has certainly replaced idealism.