Sunday, June 6, 2010

Marketing Management: Marketing & Management

Final year engineering and the final paper we will be appearing tomorrow is Marketing Management. Marketing and management combine together to make a management paper called Marketing Management. Is it significant for an engineering student? It has gotta do something, the educationalists of our University have not included into the course just like that. From the nomenclature of the subject you can easily imagine why the name is like that.

Exam will be over and  we are out of here. Then we are a product, a four year engineered product that makes us capable of doing the job of an engineer. A product has got quality, right? A good product prevails in the market before that it has to go through some process like pricing, product promotion... How do we advertise ourselves??? So simple, upload CV or resume on the job sites, apply apply and apply with your resume till you don't get reply. 

Exhausted??? There is competition in the market dude. You got to prepare strategy or re launch yourself.  And there is more rivalry is there are proper and better substitutes. There are IITs, NIts & other engineering colleges who manufacture the common product labeled as Engineers. IIT & NIT produce high quality of service product, their pricing is also high. Others are available at moderate price.


It is a challenging job to launch new products, fresh engineers.They have to commercialize themselves. 

Afterwards we have to manage to market ourselves. (Go through marketing management carefully, it is definitely useful for products like us). Happy Selling.

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