Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last moments in JITM

“Where to start?” I muse and don’t find. Yet I have to.

Last night I went to canteen and I was alone though there were others. The others were the juniors and there was none of my batch. I sat alone to eat, did not feel like eating and left half eaten.

It was 7th Jun, 2 days back, at 11.00 am the last exam of the half of the students was over and one on his way just in front of the hostel shouted, “B.Tech is over” in a pain and joy mixed voice.  I had an exam to appear at 3.00 pm and I did not feel like studying any more. There were shouts of joy all around in the hostel.

I was in the exam hall. Few minutes before the question paper was to be encountered I looked at the faces of some of my friends, they returned a smile and these smiles were different than the usual. I was exhilarated because after 3 hours my exam will be over.  The question paper in front of me and I was laughing inside.  The exam was over, small crowds at places near the library, talking, enjoying, passing comments with an emotional line attached to it “don’t feel bad, who I will pass comment after we are gone from here.”

In the evening went to the restaurant with friends. And discovered the whole restaurant full of us only. The feelings were different, the environment was totally different. And the next day one by one we would leave.

Did we wait for this moment?

To leave the company of friends, to leave the hostel where we enjoyed and dwelt for four intimate years. These things we did not want. But we wished to complete our four years course, we awaited a B.Tech degree. All are just consequences.

The next day, 8th Jun and we struggled for the library clearance for the books we brought and kept it for the whole semester instead of returning with in 7 days. The library was full of us, our batch students. This time no one obeyed “SILENCE” that was pasted at places on the wall.  We waited for our turn to come and that we knew would come late. The ambiance was some what like this, friends were busy talking, they are going to depart; they filled each others diaries. The library looked friendly and good in this situation. In four years perhaps we get only one occasion like this.

Some friends left in the evening. Some came to tell they were going, some left unnoticed. Last moment hugs, hand shakes.
At night most of the hoteliers were drunk and because of that emotion were flowing.

9th JUN:

Today morning I got up as usual. But felt the silence and difference. The silence in the hostel was queer.

I see the parents of some friends coming to take them back. While returning from the admin block after submitting the clearances for the issue of other certificates, I saw a few cars parked in front of girls’ hostel. They were there to take their girls home.

In the evening guys played cricket in the badminton court as usual.  There was less noise and fight today. The crowd around was not much because many have left the hostel. And tomorrow perhaps there will be no one to play.

I watched the movie ELEGY in the room, the last movie in the hostel. The name of the movie means poem or song expressing sorrow especially for dead.

The hostel will become numb momentarily till the arrival of new batch. The doors will be shut but no locks hanging only gush of wind in the corridor. I will miss Room no 201, I dened for four years; Hostel-2, the mango tress and the nearby hill.
Hostel 2

And sad news arrives, my ex-roommates mother passed away. I felt bad. Due course of time we go on missing things, people. Time, the only one who gives and takes.

And no more night walks in the campus after dinner. I will miss the road & the shadow of the mango trees on our way to college gate and class room.  The last moment on the road will be when we leave hostel & drift homewards because our time is over here.

No songs I here in the hostel which once were played aloud.

By the time I am typing this, tomorrow on clock the dials make a position for this time, I will not be in the hostel. On my way home.

I play the song of Oozy Osburne “Mama, I am coming home.”

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