Sunday, May 2, 2010

ThrashDay, FRIeDay n SHUTurDay

Sunday morning and I am listening to Black Sabbath while writing this.

Thrash Day:
Major project time. Hence a lot of print outs for the project report is to be taken out. As we are having printer I was busy from the morning in this business with my friend. It is really a boring job. Sticking the ass in front of the system and torturing the eyes for hours made me sick. I was having a bad headache. Uffffff..... Could not just tolerate it . It was around 4.30 pm and I retired as another friend of mine took the place. It was  my ex-roommate who dragged me to the seminar hall because a Mumbai based Steel company was to come for the campus recruitment. What is the hell is the need of CSE & IT student there, though they required Mech and EEE? As he forced me I decided to be there with in 5.00 pm. I was about to reach in time.
       And there was a crowd gathered not in the venue but about 150 meters to it. what's I wandered? There was an accident. Both the guys were on bike, Pragyan & Supriya. Pragyan escaped, he was just hit, but the other guy hit a tree, broke his hand and wan unconscious.Thank God, he did not knock the roller near that tree. he was immediately taken to the hospital in an ambulance.
After some time Pragyan's girlfriend left the venue, she was sad. Lucky Pragyan, somebody cares for him so much.

But where is the Recruitment board? huhhhh. In the summer, the sun still was rude, we walked half a km to the seminar hall and ....... Frustrated and bathing sweat. there were around 105 student who satisfied the constraints and most of them were present there. We were talking and discussing several other thing. They needed our CVs submitted. One of my friends commented, 'we are present in person n they don't believe us. But they are ready 2 count on a piece of printed paper on which we give .'

Now it was announced that the Recruiters will arrive sharp at 7.00pm. hmm.... ok after all the drama was over, we submitted the CV and back. A message came I m selected for the GD. the tragedy is when the GD begins at the same time the presentation of our major project starts the next day. The presentation was yet to be prepared and I was still continuing with headache.


the HOD was angry, almost 14 students from IT shortlisted. The angry half old man spat, "Who will give the presentation? 14 students from 11 groups out of 16." later he agreed to conduct it for the shortlisted.
Away for GD, i was in 1st group. I was not in a mood to participate. Tension given by the group mates and the HOD as well..

The hod was very angry, our group went in 2nd half but just before our turn came, the hod announced an end for the day, rest would encounter the external and the group of  faculty(f**king all the students) the next day. we saw they are taking the grand viva as  vengeance to what we do to them in the class. Ok Every dog.......
The brains of we-going-to-be-engineers were fried by the weird questions asked by them causing unnecessary trauma.


"Get the hell outta here" the hod shouted at me and one of my group mates as we turned on the system and it screamed. "And don't get inside till U are called"
I saw it was not the time for arguments, becoz they decide our fate for the 7 credit project and 2 credit grand viva. We walked out, and decided not to go in till the hod says. we also have self esteem. I had made my mind if the asks us we owe them an apology then i will punch him right on his face with my words. I am least cared about the grades, such things make me violent and I hate violence but I am addicted to it. The hod came out and told 2 go inside.

The system while executing the project went into deadlock. and fuck. "Sir, we need 2 restart the system"
Hod burs, "why will u restart? Just smash the system". a Real HOD he is making hell of the department.
At last the execution was over, grand viva was over.

I was about to leave and a sheet of paper came to the HOD, where my name was there along with other 16 students. The hod told us to be there. sheet of paper and shit happens.didn't know anything about it. The HOD comes again and says we are the students who r going to attend the off campus drive for MAhindra Satyam at BBSR on Sunday at GEC and we were instructed 2 go to the placement cell.

Before we reached the placement cell, there was already a Mahabhart over and the Placement officer screamed at us "If any of you having backlogs and going there I will impose fine in you and If anyone not going then also."

Hell, got 2 backlogs, and the logs are really heavy to carry. Missed a chance or today I would be in BBSR attending the written test. BlackBird is not lucky.

the day shutting down, no one to chat at night, i was getting bored and watched the movie Godfather. Before Sunday began, my roommate had bought whiskey and another partner joined and we drank .
"CHEERS TO THE END OF MAJOR PROJECT, CHEERS TO THE END OF GRAND VIVA, AND THE END OF APRIL (on May 1st)" Prepared one Chinese peg and shut the day.

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Rinaya said...

how do u make a Chinese peg??
if dats d solution to all d shit dat happens in a day,i'd love to have one :)