Saturday, May 22, 2010

They don't hesitate play with our career

“Do not do a drama in front of my house.” This is what the Principal said to her final year student whose exam had already started and he did not have a due clearance and she shut the door. He went to ask for the permission with a written application to the principal to allow him to appear the final semester exam.
The reason for which he was not allowed to appear the exam is he has not cleared all the financial dues just of 4000/-. He was there with a written under taking that he would pay all the dues with in 1.00pm today. “Let me appear the exam,” he begged her and she (the Principal) slammed the door.
This is what the mentality of the Educational institute where we study. Perhaps I said it wrong. It is a business organization where the job of the management is to collect money rather than building a life. They simply play with our careers. I am talking about JITM, Paralakhemundi, Odisha where education is a mask, a veil under which they run a lucrative business. Education is our bill which we have to pay else they don’t hesitate to molest our career.
Is it not a mental harassment?
Are not they playing with our career and lives?
If so then why do you say that students are the future of our country?
Students are the future of some of the businessmen who run educational institutes.
Perhaps after some days you ask a child what you want to be. Then he will not say he wants to be an engineer rather he would answer, ‘I will have an Engineering college of mine.’


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