Saturday, May 15, 2010

numbers,maths- tension & a solution

" Mathematics. Why can't someone ban that damn subject?"

M= meri (my)
A= atma (soul or spirit or ghost)
T=  tumhe (you)
H= hamesa (always)
S= satayegi (torture)

maths= meri atma tumhe hamesa satayegi =my spirit will always torture you (this is what students feel  about mathematics) . Mathematics tortures them.

It happens as human has developed a lot because now a days when a simple calculation cannot be done with out the help of a mere instrument having numbers over its small and slim body with a few mathematical symbols like addition, subtractions, multiplication...

Mathematics, when we were introduced to it we had to learn numbers first. Then came the operations regarding the numbers. We learnt procedures to do the operations. As we went higher and higher there came Geometry, trigonometry, equations, logarithms. And they made mathematics difficult for us.  I was never good at mathematics. It was like something that took my life, never was able to score more than 59 out of 100 till std. 8th.

In 9th, I would not have survived maths.But it was Himanshu Sir, a B.Sc student then who taught me that mathematics is as simple as drinking water. He had written on the cover of my maths note "maths is a game played with numbers, symbols and formulas." ( He passed away 2 years ago and I feel very sad. I am grateful to him, because of him only I am able to do maths with great interest. Thank U very much, Sir)

I did really well from then in maths, 66 & 73 in 10th exam out of 75 each, and in +2 a total of 144 out of 200.
These are numbers, right? with help of which our performance is measured.

One day I tried to imagine a world without numbers and maths missing. So students can be relaxed. But sending maths into grave, we are doing a favor to ourselves or we r endangering ourselves? Perhaps we will get into a big trouble. If we don't have numbers, like people did in the stone age we can use some marks, sticks to count. It would be a hell lot of task to do so.

Suppose U gotta catch train or a flight, or U have to attend a meeting or face an interview or appear exam and there are no numbers on the watch, I am sure you are not going to use the rays of the sun and a stick to measure the time. How the hell Bill Gates will count the amount of money he has without numbers and not using maths.
Though students hate maths most of the time, life without simple maths is not that simple to cultivate.
There are reasons to hate maths is as we go higher classes there comes calculus, more troubling Trigonometry, 3D, 2D and...... And they require more effort. An engineering student's dilemma is he can't leave maths. And the student who has got maths backlog keeps on appearing it again n again. We got a strong revulsion towards 3rd sem maths.

Huh... 'You can't escape me,' says maths.
From sex ratio to sensex there is maths. Our grades, rank what about them without numbers n maths???
Does it increases Ur body temperature, a number can tell how sick r u? and if u need to convert it from F to Celsius  then probably you seek a mathematical formula. what about Ur blood pressure? low or high ? What is your height and weight?

Do you think maths is very shameless? You hate so much still it does not care. You can register a legal case against it. because it has been haunting you. If it is killing you perhaps an attempt murder case would be better.

It says, " you students hate me. People any way use me. Whatever it be, I am inevitable. and of course Meri Atma Tumhe Hamesa Satayegi, becoz I am MATHS. Enjoy me or Suffer me."

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Rinaya said...

ha ha.. LOL
nice post .. so dats supposd to defend maths huh??
wel,ancient man had survivd widout maths after al? :P
Necessity is d mother of inventions .. so if it hadnt been maths de wud have invented sumthng more disastrous or easy..who knw?!