Wednesday, May 12, 2010

artist, song and the story related

The song names are in   ' song name '

James Blunt will 'carry u home' because 'u r beautiful' and begs 'give me some love' becoz  'i really want u

Firehouse will 'hold its(ur) dreams' when it 'reaches for the sky'

Greenday is an 'American idiot' who is wandering in the 'boulevard of broken dreams'

Bon Jovi's life is 'complicated' becoz he has a 'dirty little secret' and he rang the 'bells of freedom' and says 'have a nice day'

Bruce Springsteen sang for the wrestler 'Born in USA'

The problem with Korn is 'All in the family' their 'Ass itch'es and they can see that 'they(I) are going blind'

Bryan Adams is on 'Cloud no 9' because he spent a beautiful 'summer of 69' where he met a beautiful lady and says 'if u really love a women' and she must get 'best of me'

Nickleback says 'if everyone cares' I wont be 'animal'. and it is 'too bad' becoz he is 'far away' 'here without you baby', looks at the 'photograph' and dreams to be a 'rockstar'

Ozzy Osbourne has been a 'dreamer' theough out his life and now no more wants to continue. he told 'mama I m coming home'

Poets of fall are in a 'carnival of rust' and they hope 'may be tomorrow is a better day'

Within Temptation lost memory and trying 'somewhere' in the 'memories' it can find 'who i m'

'Living on the EdgeAerosmith goes 'crazy' and every 'dude looks like a lady' to him.

Bob Dylan is 'like a boiling stone' and says 'take me as i am' on 'all the tired horses'. And said 'Take a message to marry' where he wrote 'I forgot more than u'll ever' and 'let it be'

Coldplay says 'what if' 'a message' can 'fix you' 'at the speed of sound' with a 'twisted logic'. 'The hardest part is' 'the scientist' 'in my place' 'can't get you out of my head'. 'god put a smile upon ur face' which looks like a 'warning sign' and I 'dont panic' becoz ur teeth are 'yellow'

Creed is 'freedom fighter' becoz of 'my sacrifice'. now all life seems worthless so 'with arms wide open' shouts ' what is this life for' and wants to take 'one last breath' before he puts a 'bullet' in his head and 'who's got his(my) back?'

 There was  'smoke on the water' and Deep Purple came out, he is a 'soldier of fortune' who is gonna fight the 'highway star'

'Are you' Savage garden? then you should 'carry on dancing' 'truly madly deeply' till the 'universe' 'crash(es) and burn(es)'

On a 'beautiful dayU2 came from 'where the streets have no name'

Nirvana asks his girlfriend 'where did u sleep last night' ? in the 'lake of fire' or 'on a plain', its okay 'come as you are' though 'something on the way' becoz you have to 'milk it'  and make me a 'pennyroyal tea'
He is angry and says now 'rape me'. you have already stolen my 'heart shaped box' .

Europe 6 announces 'ready or not' it is 'signs of time', you should 'open ur heart' o' 'prisoners in paradise' in 'seven doors hotel' 'rock the night' as a new ' future to come' and 'the final countdown' has begun.

Five for fighting predicts 'superman' is 'dying' after '100 years'.

Foreigner '(i)want(s) to know' 'if I do not have you' 'I dont wanna live without' U.

Metallica killed his darling 'die die my darling' and becoz of it 'sunday is bloody sunday' for U2. after 'tuesday's gone' metallica drank 'whiskey in the jar'
It is 'sad but true' that metallica is 'unforgiven' and 'the struggle within' continues as he is having a 'merciful fate'  and hopes one day he will become 'hero of the day'

Pink Floyd is 'comfortably numb' though it is 'wearing the inside out' at 'childhood's end' and standing on the 'burning bridges' with 'high hopes' it says I am 'Coming back to life' and definitely throw another 'brick on the wall

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