Monday, May 31, 2010

A Distraction

He stopped writing, the fans had paused  they were relaxing due to the absence of that was needed to run them. He wiped out the sweat from his forehead with left thumb. Very hot though it was morning 10 am of the last day of the 5th month of English calender. the environment was less noisy and he released a gush of air through his mouth out of exhaustion, glanced at the finger that had turned red for holding the pen for a long time.

In the room no sounds, except the foot steps of the one who was walking along the 3 columns of space between the 4 columns of  benches. And some times a very unpleasant disturbance was created for the imbalance in the pressure on the bench because of the unsymmetrical length of the benches. Silence. He gazed at the tall sexy legs of the girl sitting opposite to him. 'No distraction,' he thought being already distracted.

Sitting on the first bench he saw the others, how desperately they were jotting down on the paper. Their heads were down as if they were connected to the pen and the strings stored in the buffer of the brain was being scripted on the paper. he looked forward. The lawn. It was being watered with the help of a rotating sprayer & the silence of the surrounding was so deep that he could hear the hissing of the sprayer. It reminded him the song of  Pink Floyd 'keep talking'. He sang the line within himself  'silence surrounding...'. There was no talking. And there stood the unmovable mountain about a few hundred meters away from his physical presence.

What if a man had to move round round like a fan goes during a day? What would be his condition? The classrooms were also silent. Once they made a lot of noise. The situation was as if someone was dead & all were mourning becoz of his loss.

He remembered, last year he was sitting at the same place, same bench. But the time was different. It was afternoon around 4pm and then the wind blew heavily and it started raining immediately after that. There a storm had already begun. He was going through a tough situation, which caused him a heavy expense. He had left the place just after an hour.

'Why do these ideas get into the brain now?' he was back, the four fans that were in the room were back to their job and everyone sighed in relief. A smile played on his lips. 'Come on, you gotta do it,' he held the pen again, 'a little more pain, my hand'. He went through the printed text they had provided known as question paper & 20 more marks to write, one more hour left.  He was in the same exam hall now and one year back. The misery will continue. He started writing.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Best of 2009

A lot of things happen in a year, right?
Of course, there are 365 days in a year and events do take place.

I had planned to write this a long time ago. Among the numerous things happen during a year's time period there would be some greatest, there must be.

So what can be the best incident that occurred in the year 2009 ? Many people might have many answers, according to them, that is da best for that year.  A lot of people died, millions of were born and their birth is not justified till they die a being famous, I-was-significant-through-out-my-life death. Plane crashes, earthquake, tsunami and hell lot of things.

Though the best of the year 2009 happened in the first month itself, but I had to wait the whole year to judge it as per my point of view.

America got 44 presidents till now. Obama is the 44th. I will not give the list of presidents now, you can google them. Obama occupied the White House on 20th Jan, 2009. Till then all the 43 white presidents lived in the white house and it continued to be a White House.But  For the first time in White American History bringing a break a Black officially elected as President took over the  then White House because after he captured 'no more White House' it is a Black House.

So the-till-now-White-House was converted into a Black House in the year 2009.and I can say perhaps it is the greatest thing that happened in the year.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

They don't hesitate play with our career

“Do not do a drama in front of my house.” This is what the Principal said to her final year student whose exam had already started and he did not have a due clearance and she shut the door. He went to ask for the permission with a written application to the principal to allow him to appear the final semester exam.
The reason for which he was not allowed to appear the exam is he has not cleared all the financial dues just of 4000/-. He was there with a written under taking that he would pay all the dues with in 1.00pm today. “Let me appear the exam,” he begged her and she (the Principal) slammed the door.
This is what the mentality of the Educational institute where we study. Perhaps I said it wrong. It is a business organization where the job of the management is to collect money rather than building a life. They simply play with our careers. I am talking about JITM, Paralakhemundi, Odisha where education is a mask, a veil under which they run a lucrative business. Education is our bill which we have to pay else they don’t hesitate to molest our career.
Is it not a mental harassment?
Are not they playing with our career and lives?
If so then why do you say that students are the future of our country?
Students are the future of some of the businessmen who run educational institutes.
Perhaps after some days you ask a child what you want to be. Then he will not say he wants to be an engineer rather he would answer, ‘I will have an Engineering college of mine.’

Saturday, May 15, 2010

numbers,maths- tension & a solution

" Mathematics. Why can't someone ban that damn subject?"

M= meri (my)
A= atma (soul or spirit or ghost)
T=  tumhe (you)
H= hamesa (always)
S= satayegi (torture)

maths= meri atma tumhe hamesa satayegi =my spirit will always torture you (this is what students feel  about mathematics) . Mathematics tortures them.

It happens as human has developed a lot because now a days when a simple calculation cannot be done with out the help of a mere instrument having numbers over its small and slim body with a few mathematical symbols like addition, subtractions, multiplication...

Mathematics, when we were introduced to it we had to learn numbers first. Then came the operations regarding the numbers. We learnt procedures to do the operations. As we went higher and higher there came Geometry, trigonometry, equations, logarithms. And they made mathematics difficult for us.  I was never good at mathematics. It was like something that took my life, never was able to score more than 59 out of 100 till std. 8th.

In 9th, I would not have survived maths.But it was Himanshu Sir, a B.Sc student then who taught me that mathematics is as simple as drinking water. He had written on the cover of my maths note "maths is a game played with numbers, symbols and formulas." ( He passed away 2 years ago and I feel very sad. I am grateful to him, because of him only I am able to do maths with great interest. Thank U very much, Sir)

I did really well from then in maths, 66 & 73 in 10th exam out of 75 each, and in +2 a total of 144 out of 200.
These are numbers, right? with help of which our performance is measured.

One day I tried to imagine a world without numbers and maths missing. So students can be relaxed. But sending maths into grave, we are doing a favor to ourselves or we r endangering ourselves? Perhaps we will get into a big trouble. If we don't have numbers, like people did in the stone age we can use some marks, sticks to count. It would be a hell lot of task to do so.

Suppose U gotta catch train or a flight, or U have to attend a meeting or face an interview or appear exam and there are no numbers on the watch, I am sure you are not going to use the rays of the sun and a stick to measure the time. How the hell Bill Gates will count the amount of money he has without numbers and not using maths.
Though students hate maths most of the time, life without simple maths is not that simple to cultivate.
There are reasons to hate maths is as we go higher classes there comes calculus, more troubling Trigonometry, 3D, 2D and...... And they require more effort. An engineering student's dilemma is he can't leave maths. And the student who has got maths backlog keeps on appearing it again n again. We got a strong revulsion towards 3rd sem maths.

Huh... 'You can't escape me,' says maths.
From sex ratio to sensex there is maths. Our grades, rank what about them without numbers n maths???
Does it increases Ur body temperature, a number can tell how sick r u? and if u need to convert it from F to Celsius  then probably you seek a mathematical formula. what about Ur blood pressure? low or high ? What is your height and weight?

Do you think maths is very shameless? You hate so much still it does not care. You can register a legal case against it. because it has been haunting you. If it is killing you perhaps an attempt murder case would be better.

It says, " you students hate me. People any way use me. Whatever it be, I am inevitable. and of course Meri Atma Tumhe Hamesa Satayegi, becoz I am MATHS. Enjoy me or Suffer me."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

artist, song and the story related

The song names are in   ' song name '

James Blunt will 'carry u home' because 'u r beautiful' and begs 'give me some love' becoz  'i really want u

Firehouse will 'hold its(ur) dreams' when it 'reaches for the sky'

Greenday is an 'American idiot' who is wandering in the 'boulevard of broken dreams'

Bon Jovi's life is 'complicated' becoz he has a 'dirty little secret' and he rang the 'bells of freedom' and says 'have a nice day'

Bruce Springsteen sang for the wrestler 'Born in USA'

The problem with Korn is 'All in the family' their 'Ass itch'es and they can see that 'they(I) are going blind'

Bryan Adams is on 'Cloud no 9' because he spent a beautiful 'summer of 69' where he met a beautiful lady and says 'if u really love a women' and she must get 'best of me'

Nickleback says 'if everyone cares' I wont be 'animal'. and it is 'too bad' becoz he is 'far away' 'here without you baby', looks at the 'photograph' and dreams to be a 'rockstar'

Ozzy Osbourne has been a 'dreamer' theough out his life and now no more wants to continue. he told 'mama I m coming home'

Poets of fall are in a 'carnival of rust' and they hope 'may be tomorrow is a better day'

Within Temptation lost memory and trying 'somewhere' in the 'memories' it can find 'who i m'

'Living on the EdgeAerosmith goes 'crazy' and every 'dude looks like a lady' to him.

Bob Dylan is 'like a boiling stone' and says 'take me as i am' on 'all the tired horses'. And said 'Take a message to marry' where he wrote 'I forgot more than u'll ever' and 'let it be'

Coldplay says 'what if' 'a message' can 'fix you' 'at the speed of sound' with a 'twisted logic'. 'The hardest part is' 'the scientist' 'in my place' 'can't get you out of my head'. 'god put a smile upon ur face' which looks like a 'warning sign' and I 'dont panic' becoz ur teeth are 'yellow'

Creed is 'freedom fighter' becoz of 'my sacrifice'. now all life seems worthless so 'with arms wide open' shouts ' what is this life for' and wants to take 'one last breath' before he puts a 'bullet' in his head and 'who's got his(my) back?'

 There was  'smoke on the water' and Deep Purple came out, he is a 'soldier of fortune' who is gonna fight the 'highway star'

'Are you' Savage garden? then you should 'carry on dancing' 'truly madly deeply' till the 'universe' 'crash(es) and burn(es)'

On a 'beautiful dayU2 came from 'where the streets have no name'

Nirvana asks his girlfriend 'where did u sleep last night' ? in the 'lake of fire' or 'on a plain', its okay 'come as you are' though 'something on the way' becoz you have to 'milk it'  and make me a 'pennyroyal tea'
He is angry and says now 'rape me'. you have already stolen my 'heart shaped box' .

Europe 6 announces 'ready or not' it is 'signs of time', you should 'open ur heart' o' 'prisoners in paradise' in 'seven doors hotel' 'rock the night' as a new ' future to come' and 'the final countdown' has begun.

Five for fighting predicts 'superman' is 'dying' after '100 years'.

Foreigner '(i)want(s) to know' 'if I do not have you' 'I dont wanna live without' U.

Metallica killed his darling 'die die my darling' and becoz of it 'sunday is bloody sunday' for U2. after 'tuesday's gone' metallica drank 'whiskey in the jar'
It is 'sad but true' that metallica is 'unforgiven' and 'the struggle within' continues as he is having a 'merciful fate'  and hopes one day he will become 'hero of the day'

Pink Floyd is 'comfortably numb' though it is 'wearing the inside out' at 'childhood's end' and standing on the 'burning bridges' with 'high hopes' it says I am 'Coming back to life' and definitely throw another 'brick on the wall

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Exam boleto

'Bhai bho aarela hai?'

'Abe kaun ?'

'Bhai bho aarela hai?'

'abe kaun aarela hai bol to, thokta hun saale ko'

'bhai exam ka schedule nikal gaya hai, exam aaraha hai'

Abhi Bhai bolrela hai,

Bhai kisise darta nai, par exam boleto thoda bahut tension horela hai. saala akkhi jindgi exam deta aarahahun abtak. apun ka kam kya? ye hai bandhuk, ye hai goli, goliko bandhuk me dalne ka, phir jisko marneka hai uski kanpatti pai nali rakhke ghoda dabaneka. admi khallas, kam khatam. tensionitch nai hai.

Par exam agela hai to apun ki waat lagjati hai. bole to dimag ki ma****   sorry han, dimag ki dahi banjati hai
bheja to hai nahi apun ke dimaag mein, to ka kareem ke dukaan se bakri ka bheja lake khaun.
Abhi to bola goli chalana kitna aasan hai. goli daal ghoda daba. Par nai padhai bhi saala kaisi cheese hai. ye itna chota chaota akasher, ye lami lambi ladki ki taang jaisi page aur itna mota mota kitab. usko padho, phir yaad rakho, saala 700 page ka book se 70 mark ka kaschin, bho bhi kidher kidhar se aiela hota hai patahintch nai chalta. usko likhna hota hai 3 ghante mein. Dhet terikee. Usse to achha apna dhanda hai, jiska supari liya akahha hindustaan se dhudnke tapkaneka  aasan hai.

Apun ka university bhi sala sity baja ne se uthta baithta hai. kahe ki university. mandir ka ghanta hai. student sabhi milke uski bajate hai aur ye baad mein hum logoki bajata hai. sala dukaan bhi bar bar jao to bho kansesion deta hai, muder karke umar kaid hone ke baad bhi do teen saal pahile admi choot jata hai. Par apna univetcity 4 saal me 7 semester exam dene ke baad bhi 8th semester exam leneki bool raha hai. saala toda sa to kansesion dedeta.

Exam ka tension utna bhi nahi rahta, par ghar mein result dikhana padrela hai. Apun ka to engineering khatam hoteko aiela hai. lekin abb jo bolta hai dhyan se sunneka. Abe udhar kidhar dekhrela hai, dhyan bote to kancentration. thodi bahut english apun ko bhi aati hai kya. kabhi engineering mein nahi ghusne ka. sala idher udhar, janha banha, atra tatra sarbatra, gali gali mein engineer. Identity crisis horela hai. kuch alag banneka. boleto khud ki identity, pahchan. jaise ki apun ke line mein haina Mexican mafia, Sicilian mafia, mumbai ka bhai, abe apna daud ibrahim. Beiseitch kuch hatke karne ka.
Apun yanha char saal atakgela tha, par 1 mahine mein yanha se chootne wala hai. Exam khatam hote hin kalti marunga. Abe itna bola hun, tu mat fasjana aur khud ki waat lagana. Samjha kya?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

ThrashDay, FRIeDay n SHUTurDay

Sunday morning and I am listening to Black Sabbath while writing this.

Thrash Day:
Major project time. Hence a lot of print outs for the project report is to be taken out. As we are having printer I was busy from the morning in this business with my friend. It is really a boring job. Sticking the ass in front of the system and torturing the eyes for hours made me sick. I was having a bad headache. Uffffff..... Could not just tolerate it . It was around 4.30 pm and I retired as another friend of mine took the place. It was  my ex-roommate who dragged me to the seminar hall because a Mumbai based Steel company was to come for the campus recruitment. What is the hell is the need of CSE & IT student there, though they required Mech and EEE? As he forced me I decided to be there with in 5.00 pm. I was about to reach in time.
       And there was a crowd gathered not in the venue but about 150 meters to it. what's I wandered? There was an accident. Both the guys were on bike, Pragyan & Supriya. Pragyan escaped, he was just hit, but the other guy hit a tree, broke his hand and wan unconscious.Thank God, he did not knock the roller near that tree. he was immediately taken to the hospital in an ambulance.
After some time Pragyan's girlfriend left the venue, she was sad. Lucky Pragyan, somebody cares for him so much.

But where is the Recruitment board? huhhhh. In the summer, the sun still was rude, we walked half a km to the seminar hall and ....... Frustrated and bathing sweat. there were around 105 student who satisfied the constraints and most of them were present there. We were talking and discussing several other thing. They needed our CVs submitted. One of my friends commented, 'we are present in person n they don't believe us. But they are ready 2 count on a piece of printed paper on which we give .'

Now it was announced that the Recruiters will arrive sharp at 7.00pm. hmm.... ok after all the drama was over, we submitted the CV and back. A message came I m selected for the GD. the tragedy is when the GD begins at the same time the presentation of our major project starts the next day. The presentation was yet to be prepared and I was still continuing with headache.


the HOD was angry, almost 14 students from IT shortlisted. The angry half old man spat, "Who will give the presentation? 14 students from 11 groups out of 16." later he agreed to conduct it for the shortlisted.
Away for GD, i was in 1st group. I was not in a mood to participate. Tension given by the group mates and the HOD as well..

The hod was very angry, our group went in 2nd half but just before our turn came, the hod announced an end for the day, rest would encounter the external and the group of  faculty(f**king all the students) the next day. we saw they are taking the grand viva as  vengeance to what we do to them in the class. Ok Every dog.......
The brains of we-going-to-be-engineers were fried by the weird questions asked by them causing unnecessary trauma.


"Get the hell outta here" the hod shouted at me and one of my group mates as we turned on the system and it screamed. "And don't get inside till U are called"
I saw it was not the time for arguments, becoz they decide our fate for the 7 credit project and 2 credit grand viva. We walked out, and decided not to go in till the hod says. we also have self esteem. I had made my mind if the asks us we owe them an apology then i will punch him right on his face with my words. I am least cared about the grades, such things make me violent and I hate violence but I am addicted to it. The hod came out and told 2 go inside.

The system while executing the project went into deadlock. and fuck. "Sir, we need 2 restart the system"
Hod burs, "why will u restart? Just smash the system". a Real HOD he is making hell of the department.
At last the execution was over, grand viva was over.

I was about to leave and a sheet of paper came to the HOD, where my name was there along with other 16 students. The hod told us to be there. sheet of paper and shit happens.didn't know anything about it. The HOD comes again and says we are the students who r going to attend the off campus drive for MAhindra Satyam at BBSR on Sunday at GEC and we were instructed 2 go to the placement cell.

Before we reached the placement cell, there was already a Mahabhart over and the Placement officer screamed at us "If any of you having backlogs and going there I will impose fine in you and If anyone not going then also."

Hell, got 2 backlogs, and the logs are really heavy to carry. Missed a chance or today I would be in BBSR attending the written test. BlackBird is not lucky.

the day shutting down, no one to chat at night, i was getting bored and watched the movie Godfather. Before Sunday began, my roommate had bought whiskey and another partner joined and we drank .
"CHEERS TO THE END OF MAJOR PROJECT, CHEERS TO THE END OF GRAND VIVA, AND THE END OF APRIL (on May 1st)" Prepared one Chinese peg and shut the day.