Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am talking about the Grunge band not of the moksha.

I was listening to it in the morning as music has become a part of my life. Like every day one gets up, does his teeth, takes bath and does other things; I get up, turn on my laptop and play songs.  whenever I listen to the voice of Kurt Cobain, the lead vocal of the band I feel like I am getting Nirvana. The songs are full of pain and the aggression, they are singing the songs of their painful life. there are songs really touch the heart.

the songs, i feel, give a real picture of life.  Though the band has not got too many albums but their work during the short period of time is very significant. It was the best grunge band of that time.They threw the anger and frustration in voice, guitar and drum beats.

There are these songs which I listen most of the time and I suggest others to listen to the band. Feel them and U will find how magical the songs are.

1. Rape me
2 Smells like teen spirit
3. Heart shaped box
4. milk it
5. breed
6. sliver
7. come as u are
8. something in the way
9. Aneurysm
10. Where did U sleep last night
11. Lithium
12. On a plain
13. pennroyal tea
14. come as u are

Don't forget to watch the last concert of Nirvana, it is in Youtube

Listen to Nirvana & get Nirvana.

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