Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A love letter like this?????????? :(

Dear …………..,

The day my eyes saw you through the cylindrical optical lenses my heart felt the mechanical vibration. That day some fast chemical reaction took place in my mind. The chemistry of my heart changed. Like a hacker you hacked my heart. I am now infected by the virus of love because of you and there is no such antivirus till today that can prevent me from loving you. Like uninstallable software is my love for you. You are the operating system of my body and mind and the processor of my heart and soul.

Keep apart Newton’s second law. My love for you will never be constant. It will grow more and more. Like Newton’s third law of motion, I believe that the one loves the other and then the later should love the former. The velocity of my love for you travels faster than the velocity of light and will reach you soon where ever you are.

I don’t like to be like the mobile communication services which sometimes fail because of network problems. But I am always connected with you.

You are the catalyst of my life. Because of you I accelerate in life. You are the lubricant that stops my wear and tear. You are the electricity who shocks me sometimes and because of you only I glow like a bulb. You are the thermodynamics of my life, you give me heat always. You are the kinematics and dynamics who makes my heart move. My heart is always in relative motion with you. Like a point to point network I am connected with you. You are the cause of all the chemical balances and imbalances in me. The number of element in the periodic table keeps on changing but you are the only element in my periodic (love) table.

You are the center of my universe and I am revolving around you. You are the only disease I am suffering from and you are the panacea. you are the firewall because of which no other unsecured program(the idea of other girl) run in my mind. You are the language in which I am programmed. Like law of conservation of energy, my love for you is for eternity.

My love for you has grown exponentially day by day. With you my happiness is multiplied and in your absence my heart is divided.

I love you so much that the system (i.e. me) may crash (die) but never uninstall your love.

                                                    Where you are the O.S.


( I know it is not interesting. still you can atleast get bored by it.I  was trying to write something different but could not do it.)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Every moment I live
My life which is my own kills me
But before I die
In six feet of earth I lie

Wanna give the world my words
Words are all I have got
What i felt & what I thought
In my heart and brain
Of my pleasure and pain

To speak and to write
To travel and to fight
Words showed me the path to ride
The letters bound together
With the stains of ink together

I wrote my blood with ink
But it never looked red or faded to pink
I will die no regret no matter
Still my words, I hope will remain forever.

(For the 2nd time I have tried 2 write a poem.)