Monday, February 15, 2010

When u come

It was just like a small wood. The trees had grown smaller and larger; they were planted long ago, around 30 years, when the college was established. Most of the trees were taller and they stood proudly in the land possessed by the college. She and I were wandering in there enjoying the moments together. Sun beams reached the ground at places. It was winter and the leaves were falling down. Ground was almost covered with them. The dry leaves under our feet made rustling noise in the silence of the moment. There were benches to sit and spent time. None of us spoke a word as if we were trying to comprehend the silence and all other small noise that was generated in the woods. She told me to stop and started walking away from me. She paused after making a good distance. Her expression changed and I looked around, there was no one except both of us. The class rooms were visible but they were away. She seemed to be scared. I wondered why? She didn’t speak. She ran away from the place and I followed her. She entered into the administrative building and there she was applying for the college leaving certificate. I pleaded her not to do that but she did not listen to me. She was told that she would get it with in seven days. I was sad. She did not tell me why she was doing all this. I wished to spend some time with her as she was going away and she agreed. I walked with her in the woods again. There was a heavy wind and it tried to blow every lightest thing with it. We sat on a bench. I wanted to hold her tight close to my chest and kiss her and the moment to be so long that it would never end. I told her that I had written a story on feelings of my heart for her, for my love for her. I was sad because she had not read it yet. I told her that if she goes away I will be suffering in her absence.

Again we strode in the woods and suddenly she became a parrot. I had no time to think how it happened. Then two blackbirds came flying and took her high upon a tree. I cried at her to come back to me and I stood there. After sometime she fell down. I took her carefully in my hands and stroked her gently. But she bit my left index finger badly.

“What the hell?” I cried and looked at my index finger. It was okay. I moved my thumb over it to confirm. I still felt the pain for a few more minutes due to the inertia of the dream.

The day had just begun and you woke me up.

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Rinaya said...

jus one word..enigmatic :)