Friday, February 12, 2010


‡ The world is very selfish. You are remembered when you are needed. Otherwise who you are no one knows.
‡ Everyone who looks alive from outside is alive?
‡ Tiny drops of rain falling on body and making the body wet little by little, touching every bit of sense, a feeling they give thrilled me and I walked to return to my room in the rain.
‡ The morning was very romantic. The clouds over the sky in the winter November raining slightly, the rhythmic sound of raindrops, the trees in their greenness expressing their youthfulness and cool breeze blowing.
‡ I don’t want to get wet in sorrow.
‡ How difficult it has become just to give a simple smile!
‡ When love leaves it seems life has left.
‡ I am not sure whether life is according to us or we are according to life.
‡ Things seem so scattered; it has become almost impossible to gather them.
Every minute seems so long
Every step going wrong
Submerged in sorrow
Drowned in the ocean of tomorrow
Forgetting today, only past seems my own.


Rinaya said...

past exists to teach help us go forward & not look back unless to learn from it..
So my advice..don't drown in sorrow..learn swimming :)

Chinmay Kumar said...
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Chinmay Kumar said...

hmm swimming i will learn. but at least don't tell that learn swimming to a fellow who is drowning,save him so that he wont drown again.