Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It is Valentine's day. When is UR day??

How would a girl feel if a man who was proposing her told her that it was a once in a life time never to be repeated special offer?


Valentine day is getting closer and anything strange can happen. When the day is banging at the door usually very comic, so also tragic things you will discover around U. Sad, becoz it is not happening with you, don’t bother u can be the victim also.

Victims of love due to the vibrations inside them, try to impress the empress (from male point of view), the one who has already theft their so sensitive soft corner and very eagerly they have been waiting for the V-day to claim a victory over his/her the cause of beating phenomenon in the human body, responsible for the flow of blood in the body. Don’t panic it is the same thing which we term as heart.

“HEART” does it say anything? Hear, ear, art. I don’t want to think. It is beating faster.

One of my friends wrote there was only a Valentine day. But who christened the 7 days before it as rose, propose, chocolate…? Seven extra days to reach to a valentine day.

For last few years Siva Sena has been against this. And they even managed to catch a boy and a girl, who loved each other and the girl had to tie Rakshi on the boy’s wrist. This was on the front page of a news paper. Funny? Be careful if u r in Mumbai.

May be you are in a park and operation Majnu has started. Keep your eyes and ear open. Don’t be so blind in love otherwise you imagine what will happen to you.

Romeo-Juliet or whatever pairs you are going to be discouraging you. Just go on with caution.

There was a time love letters were written. Now a day hardly someone will be doing. Who has got time to think, take a pen and paper to jot down on expense of mind? But it is pretty romantic, I will say. Now it is love SMSes. Like predefined functions and methods in a programming language in love just buy a valentine day card where already some nice & lovely words written with attractive images and fonts. Choose one and it does the work. There are books like 10 ways to success, 10 ways to improve personality. May be shortly there will be a title 7 days to express love or 10 ways to express love. I am least concerned about whether it is already in the market. It will sell well when valentine day comes nearer to inspire the lovers who are yet to have their love delivered.

Why it will be only on valentine day? Is it the only day to do it? There are 364 other days left in a year, don’t upset them. Love has greater meaning. It is Valentine’s Day. It is to celebrate love and affection between intimate companions (wiki).

Don’t you think you are a passionate lover? You lack confidence? Have your own day so that it can be special for you. You don’t need the Feb 14th to express love, the feelings of your heart. If you are waiting for Feb 14th after 15th Feb, during the time a lot of things can happen and you will be blaming Valentine day. Poor St. Valentine will be crying up in the sky.

Don’t hesitate. What ever date, day or month it is let it be the day for your love. You don’t need a Valentine day.

Wish, you will find your true love. And a movie 'Valentine's Day' will be released on 12th Feb.

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aahan.. good one.. nice advise ...
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