Sunday, February 21, 2010

Canteen qUeUe

Have u ever seen a bunch of guys well clad, around 18, standing in a queue and struggling to have the food?
Not really a big issue.
While I was having my lunch in the canteen, there was a good length queue formed by the first year students. The canteen for the 1st year and final year students is same. That could be a big trouble for them but thanks to the Supreme Court rules, nothing happens. We feel like we have been ragged. Still we are the seniors. Though they don’t respect us, they can’t disrespect us. (We also did the same when we were fresher).
As seniors my batch students go directly to the counter to fetch food for themselves and those poor fellows cannot even say a word to us in oppose. They know the consequences of their misbehavior. Their hostel is just in front of ours. But still we don’t want to do any thing unexpected or antisocial. Everyone knows, an engineering student is more uncivilized than to the extent of his civilized character. Of course we can say it is not our fault, it happens at our age. The final year students come whenever they feel like one by one and the 1st years have to wait. Any way you can say misuse of power.
I sat with my friends around a table. And we were watching the 1st year students.
Soon they became the point of our discussion. We felt bad for them because of making them wait further for food due to our interrupt. But what can we do? (Adatse majboor hain hum.) one of my friends said that, see that guy, just moved two steps and another three added to the queue. The boys serving at the counter were not fast and if they did any kanjusi while serving, then another five minutes wasted due to unnecessary arguments.
Seeing them in line (humko apni zabani ke din yaad agaye) we remembered our 1st year days and then there was only one canteen and we encountered the same situation what they are facing now. But the only relaxation to them is they are better than we were.
Another friend said, “They will be abusing us like anything.”  
I reminded him that we were also doing the same thing.
One of us pointed out a guy from 1st year. He didn’t stand in the queue, came to his friend and took a plate from the counter and collected food. That was smart.
But we had a plan. If anything goes further like this then let him collect the food from counter when he comes back, tell him to put the plate for one of us on the table and go. Then he will definitely stand in queue. That was a good idea.
I told my friend to count how many were there in queue. There were 55. That was just a small two digit number.
Some fellows even returned seeing the long array of others like them. We know how it feels standing for a long time just to eat the canteen food. The hunger will die; they have to stand for more than half an hour. Half an hour gone like this out of the precious one hour break, in another half an hour they have to eat and run to the class. What can be worse than that? At last the hunger will hate food.
This will go on and on. Leave him at their condition. Eat your lunch. They will do it one day what we are doing today.

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