Sunday, April 12, 2009

Counter strike radio commands when used by a student

There are several counter strike radio commands we can use while playing the game. We get these commands while playing by using the keys X, Z and C
Especially we can use them while we are in the class or bunking the classes and while gossiping out side the class and we find the lecturer or principal coming towards us. Let me show you how to use them.
When we press C we get
1. Affirmative/Roger: If the lecture is not coming say it because we can shout and talk. Or if the
Lecturer is not outside say it to escape from the class.
2. Enemy Spotted: When you want to alert your talkative friend that the lecturer is coming. Or
you want to bunk the class and you find the Lecturer is coming
3. Need Backup: When you are going to complain about something to the Principal or Director you need back up.
4. Sector Clear: you want to bunk the class and no Lecturer is coming and you want to inform your friends that you can bunk the class easily. You can use sector clear.
5. I’m in position: I am ready to bunk the class
6. Reporting in: Do not worry I am coming to help you.
7. She is gonna blow: The lecturer is going to scold you get out of here baby.
8. Negative: One of your friends is calling you to bunk the class and you don’t want to go. Just say negative
9. Enemy Down: A lecturer you hate or any lecturer was coming to the class but due to some reason he could not come. Just say Enemy Down.
When we press X we get
1. Go Go GO: No one is coming no danger is there u can bunk the class. Go go go.
2. Fall Back: you are going to bunk the class but unfortunately the concerned faculty comes. U simply fall back.
3. Stick together Team: U want to go on strike, wanna go to complain, or want to bunk the class and you are in a group. Just stick together team.
4. Storm the Front: You want to bunk the class or do any thing but don’t dare do it first. You want others to initiate the work. Just say storm the front.
5. Report in: Your friend is calling from outside the class. And you want to go out in a moment you are reporting in.
When you press Z we get
1. Cover me: Only you want to bunk the class and you want the help of your friend just tell him ‘cover me’ so that you can get out of class easily.
2. You Take The Point: You don’t want to initiate a work you want your friend to do it. Tell him you take the point.
3. Hold This Position: You are hiding from your lecturer along with your friends seeing ur lecturer coming towards you. To alert your friends just say Hold this position.
4. Regroup Team: Students are on strike and Mr. D.N. Rao is coming toward them. Everyone starts running away but you are standing there. Just scream REGROUP TEAM.
5. Follow Me: you want to lead a group to bunk classes, go on strike or want to go and complain. Tell your followers to follow you. You are the f*king leader man.
6. Taking Fire, Need Assistance: You want to pass comment and you seek help of your friend to do it. Just tell him Taking Fire, need assistance

Have you read it?
Try applying it. Have fun. Play counter strike. Play well.


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hmmm.....nice...yeah sure....i ll use these commands....