Saturday, February 28, 2009


When you have lost everything and you are having nothing to lose then you have no fear.

We fear because we have got something, first life then all other things comes in account. We fear to do a lot of things which we require to do. Or we need courage to do, but the confusion in mind is," What happens if I do this? Whether I am going to lose something after doing that?” The substance that is to lose may be anything like life, reputation , money,career, family and a lot of parameters are there to hold us back. The substance that you are afraid to not part from yourself depends upon what you are and in which situation you are in.

When you have nothing to lose because you have nothing of your own or you have lost every thing, you can do whatever you want, as you have become free. After losing everything what left with you is your body and your life. When you lose everything, when you make yourself free from the materialistic things and beings, you have got no mare to part from you. Do whatever you want. Life is there today and won’t be with you tomorrow. Be care free and live, because you have got nothing to care for and try to lose everything. That would help you live a life with out caring for anything.

And a freedom from fear .

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