Thursday, May 19, 2016

Fear of Unknown

What’s unknown? What’s fear?

We know the meaning and definition. But how far have we realized them? So are you afraid of something unknown? How can one fear something that one does not even know? Very true.

We live in constant fear, fear of tomorrow, fear of uncertain things, and fear of what-ifs. There are these formless aspects which we give shape. Tomorrow, does it have existence? Yes? Tomorrow, never existed. All that is in that brain and on the calendar as a digit. Tomorrow is just a reference. We have so many expectations, dreams attached with ‘tomorrow’ that it becomes inevitable to get over the thought.

There are ‘what-ifs’ which contribute more towards this moral disaster. We are very concerned about it. We associate the possibilities of unseen with a thought. A thought that has no form, exists inside the mind, where the imagination moulds it. What if I do not qualify in the exam? What if I do not get a job? What if I do not earn enough? What if I fall ill? What if… and what if…?

As human beings we are capable of thinking. But exaggerating a thought makes us insane and miserable. Sometimes these thought are self-procured.  At times they are induced by the environment we live in. it happens because we have been forced to think in that manner. As a kid, most of us might have experience it. A regular question: what do you want to be when you grow up? Many were blank at that point of time. None of us really bothered. Then there came options with many questions. You will become this or that. If you do not then you see this will happen, that will happen followed by examples.

Tomorrow is unknown to us. Future is unknown to us. We do not have any idea what can happen the next moment. Still we plan, not plan actually, it would be appropriate to say we think we plan for the coming days.

Future is the biggest fear residing in us, we hardly know it, yet we live with it.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Somewhere in between Politics, Patriotism & Nationalism

The struggle for truth can be very violent.

Debates after debates in Parliament on JNU, Rohit vemula suicide. Where do we stand today? We do not actually know.

Trying to define nationalism, patriotism in different forms. Beating of students, flying a huge national flag. Flying the tricolour flag does not boost nationalism. They really will lead us nowhere.

No body provides a certificate for being a nationalist or patriot. The actions decide. It’s easy being a nationalist than a patriot. The former is politically motivated, the later shows a strong devotion to the country. Being in BJP or RSS does not prove that you are patriots. Because Congress party existed before independence and the leaders of the party, then fought for the country does not mean that they have inherited the patriotism or nationalism.

Using everything as political weapon, whether it be criminally charged student or death of a person. Instead of cast, community, blame game based politics why not do for what is of national interest?

Everyone puts forward their version of truth, what they believe or what they want the others to believe. Positioned in the highest stage of democracy you lead us nowhere.

A farmer never asked for a certificate or a badge of being a patriot or nationalist. When so many farmers committed suicide, how many times a politician visited them? Were candles lit? A soldier guarding the borders never asked for it. The honest tax payers of the country, who pay blindly believing it will be utilized for the country, patriotism exists in them. The sweeper who keeps the roads clean.

Somewhere, at some point we are all a bit patriot and nationalist.  That does not give permission to anyone to beat the accused (not proved guilty) in court premises, where he was brought for Justice. How will such incidents help restore the faith of a citizen in justice system. And why not act as a catalyst for the believers of those who were protesting against the hanging of a parliament attack accused.

As far as the rights of a citizen are concerned, you can have the, as long as you are not against the integrity of the nation or doing any harm to anybody. Anyone can raise the voice against anybody may be the govt. or a person or celebrity or a system. But it is to be done in a legal way.

You might not be here tomorrow; this country has survived for thousands of years and will remain.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Limping Law and Democracy

We have seen enough of democracy, being the so called the largest in the world (weakest by nature).

This is a statement ‘Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people’.

I strongly feel somewhere it goes wrong. I think, if the two words ‘the government ‘is removed then it might make some sense. There are loopholes in the law, which is often misused. There are people with power who commit crime and the case goes on for years in court, and finally the person gets released, either after so many years there is no proof against or just something happens.

As a result in democracy people suffer. It is not new. Two recent cases we have witnessed. This statement is in line with hit and run case of a very popular actor, “JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED”. It took 13 years to prove his innocence. That is fine. Is not it? Innocent should not go punished. But the culprit should not be spared as well. The people who died or were hurt, did they get justice?

And another case, where a rapist and a murderer gets free because of the limping laws, the justice system whose hands are tied. And in parliament the democratic leaders who we elected have long hours of discussion whether to change the law or not. Why not treat a crime as a crime? Something that was done intentionally. Should age be a real constraint? Anticipation for a significant change by the people ended with no strict rule change.

Also we make terrorists our guest and give them son-in-law treatments, spending crores.

Why it is to be made a political issue, adjourn parliament? That is not why people elected those who sit inside parliament house.  To serve interest of citizens takes long. Instead they serve their own desires.

And there issues as
  1.  Disproportionate Asset case
  2.  Coal block allocation
  3.   2G scam
  4.  Common Wealth games

And many others…

How many big fish were punished? Democracy is a trap, where people without power are trapped after they elect people for power.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Govt to fit GPS on Cows and issue birth & death Certificate

Seeing the agitation in the country due to beef Govt. has decided to take such a step, which would prevent the killing of cows and maintain the communal harmony in the country.  The country has witnessed a lot of trouble and drama such as Dadri lynching, Kerela house raid….

It has become real hard when it comes to protect cows, Govt. admitted. “It has impossible to protect people, how can we protect cows?” they told the reporters as the pressure from so called right wings keeps mounting.

Police said, “We are unable to catch thieves and other criminals… now catch the people who eat beef. We are not even paid up to our expectation. And our workload keeps on increasing”.

Also the political parties taking advantage of such incidents. Some playing minority card, some playing for vote bank. Some state govt. offering money to the victims’ families, which is reducing the state fund. These incidents are causing hatred among the countrymen.

One baba told, “Gomata would not want the dreadful incidents to occur.” 

 In order to prevent all these, the Govt. advisory board came up with a very interesting solution to such problems. And Govt. seems pretty excited.

The advisory board has suggested, they should fix GPS on each cow, so that their movement can be easily tracked. It would be easy to find if any cow goes missing. Last time Sajan Khan’s buffalo had gone missing, he made the police search for it day and night.

Also each cow should be issued a birth and death certificate. That way, the Govt. can keep track of the number of cows in the country. It would also boost the employment in India.  Census for the cows should be done each year unlike human population.

As the winter session of parliament will be starting very soon, the Govt. is going to propose the bill in the house. They are expecting a positive outcome out of it.

After the rumor leaked from some sources, now some outfits have decided to go a step further. It has been heard that they will target fish now. How can there be selling of fish? People should not be allowed at all. We are forgetting our culture. Lord Vishnu had taken Matsya avatar. How dare we show such disrespect? However Bengali people are sad about it.