Thursday, January 8, 2015

Spirituality With Guns

4 cartoonists died. The vacancy is to be filled. This is what the ad stated.

Thank God, I am not a cartoonist. I am too bad at drawing.  For this blog I wanted to draw a cartoon, imagine the picture.

 A man sitting a heap of skulls, holding a japa mala of 9mm bullets, known as Bullet Baba, his face unknown to others as it remains covered. The hand that holds the mala rests on an AK47. He chants Om blood, Om bullet kills. Around his neck a garland of grenade. I was reported; a few days back a man went to him pleading for a solution for his problem. Baba moved his hands in the air and produced 3 bullets and a grenade; giving it to the man he said that his problems would be solved.

Until yesterday, I had not realized the fact that some Gods hate Hindus, some hate Muslim, some hate Christian. Even some of them hate cartoonists.

No prophet, no seer, no saint would have told that guns, swords and arms are provide a path to spirituality. I presume. If I am not fight then I have not understood them well enough. Or that could be the concept hundreds of years ago.

You know that new version or books, software and mobiles and various things keep on coming. Might be in the years the mind of the seers, the sants, prophets and spiritual leaders have been modified to a newer version to suit the new world.

So they drew the cartoons of some God or Prophet or whosoever it is. We have seen God not in reality but in different forms in pictures, in temples as shrines and idols, in paintings. So why cannot we see him in a cartoon form?

A few people entered in to the magazine office, may be their Prophet wanted to avenge as he was angry and the anger was mounted in the head of some shit-head. So they went into the office and showered fury of Prophet as rounds of bullet.  Amazing.

I have never seen Prophet Muhammad with gun, or Jesus with a Knife. Of course we have seen Hindu god and Goddess with various weapons.  Even Lord Krishna in Gita has said, it is not a sin to fight evil, so you should pick up weapon and fight.

People have their own understanding of these holy books. And that’s why may be they demolished the Babri Masjid. 2013 Burma anti-Muslim riots Monks killed. Bodo terrorists killing tribal people in Assam. Once Afghan Mujahideens used to fight for some reason and now for some other. ISIS. There are numerous examples.

No God ever wanted to kill people; the weapon they held was for the protection from evil daemons that reside within and outside. Human has developed so much, that he can decode the verse from ancient texts and make a different version of it. And in the name of God we fight people. How silly!

Wish problems could be solved using guns; mind would rot in the skull. And may be Gods will set themselves to fire seeing all this.



Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bloody Conversion

                                                 Religion is that volatile state of mind
                                                      when acquires a physical state
                                      becomes vulnerable to human  beings & society.

                                                             If  U R so confused, 
                                                         just be a human being, 
                                   that's more than enough & simple as well.

                   They rocked my exam papers and now they rock the Parliament.

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year & Busolution

Spelling mistake in the title.

How could I do that? Did not I run a spell check before posting? No it is done purposefully.

Busolution? What the crap? Resolution makes sense. Bullshit and Resolution together make Busolution, my idea. You can have any other, your choice.

Someone asked me what my New Year resolution was.

People start asking, when the year is to begin, “What’s your new year resolution?”  Good to know from others. People planning to do something in the whole year. Seems absurd? No, it is good in some way.  Some plan to do dieting, some become health conscious and decide to do yoga and jogging in the morning. One of my friends wanted to have a 1200x800 resolution. Men... I cannot even imagine what kind of things people list in the list of resolution. Prior to this year I never had a resolution and never wanted to.  

This time I wanted to have one. I decided to have only a bottle of beer for the New Year celebration and after that no drinking for the whole year. And I ended up drinking 3 bottles. End of resolution. When I mentioned this to my friend he said, “Quit Drinking does not come under new year resolution.”

Resolution is just an alibi to do something; if we fail we say we will do it next time. If we are really determined to do something, if we really want to do it, no one is stopping us. Just do it. Or you can go for something that you have not done yet, something that brings significant change in your life.

Like quit a stressful boring job, like I have done. No need for a resolution. It was necessary. All you require is ‘take it easy’ and ‘just do it’ attitude and bit courage (may be termed foolishness or madness).

Make life adventurous instead of moving in a circular motion around a point. Break some boundaries. No need to set a rule that you are going to follow that throughout the year. People go by the protocols they set for themselves and as days go by, it gets same old & boring, thus a deviation from the path. Every week the days repeat themselves. That’s life.

So, be inspired enough to do something. Think, whether you interest is strong enough, that you do not move away from it. However it is a way of self-evaluation.

Kick your resolution in garbage bin not recycle-bin. And do whatever your heart longs for.