Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It is Terrorism vs Humanity, not Religion

The latest incident that caused havoc was the terrorist attack in a school and on school children in Pakistan.  Such a heinous act, World leaders condemned it, People condemned it.

There is a lot to learn from the incident. There are lot of questions. And one answer.

They killed school students more than 100. What should we comprehend from this? Are we blind or them?  They are for sure. But can we be for so long? It is time for a few countries to realize the truth that is bleeding from the bodies of innocent school children at the moment.

Terrorists have attacked temple, Parliament, Hospital, railway stations. They have bombed many places. And finally they eyed on school.

They do not target only Hindu or Christian, India or USA.  

They spare no religion, no country, no age.  It is a fight not against any religion. It is a fight between humanity and terrorism. Wake up.

Friday, December 12, 2014

New Poster Boys & Girls

I see big Ad. posters and there, with some product or a message a model or some movie star or a popular sports personality. All of them have been inducted to the class of poster boys and girls long back. People find a kind of pleasure when they have a glance at them, clean shaved, elegantly dressed, with a good body structure. Even some of the viewers dream to be like them.

Then a new class of people introduced into the group. Though they are not always handsome or beautiful to look at, you cannot ignore them. The earlier group that I have mentioned may not have a greater impact on your life. But because of this new class of people, our lives are highly influenced. At the time of election or some rally or meeting, well we find these posters, hell lot of them, filled with their faces, as compared to that of models. The whole area, road sides flooding with the faces of politician and an ugly mono color background and the logo of their party. We used to decorate school at the time of Independence day or Republic day with colorful papers and Indian Flag. But the way these chamchas of them do, it looks like a total mess. They do not leave a space,, walls of shops, trees, even the electric and telephone poles,, banners. And the welcome posters they range a few kilometers from the venue. When some politicians vouch for cleanliness here, others end up creating political garbage.

In the posters, if you see their poses, they are quite funny and interesting. Doing a Namaste, waving his or hand, a bold face, touching the feet of a old person. A few chamchas holding a huge garland, and the person standing in the middle. And some of them pose distributing grinders, fans. Holy Crap. Some even use these huge black sunglasses. They literally look like a street bully or thief, perfect for the role of a villain in a movie.

There is no grudge against the politicians, if they do right what their responsibility is.  What is the need of creating such an extravagant mess that causes irritation to the eyes? If people are to notice you, they will definitely, not by your face on the poster, by the work you do.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

SingleMan In Restaurant

Last week I went to this restaurant, it is beautifully decorated with lights. It looks great at night. I had not expected a crowd on a weekday. 

Thus it happened. I was pissed off with the boring work at office. And the bloody traffic on the road ruined desire to be at home soon. All the morons with so called the status symbol of their car, alone contributing towards the population of cars in traffic. Whenever I was in such a frustrating situation, I used to drink to relax and calm down myself. Drinking is injurious to health, they flash on TV, on the Ad or in between a movie, many times. So I was again back to the old habit of mine, eating. 

I wanted to eat something good and tasty. After reaching home, I got out of that nerdy office formal, put on jeans and a short shirt and headed straight to the restaurant alone.

An enjoyable dinner can pacify the mind at the end of a hectic day.

After reaching the restaurant I tried to find a table for myself, it was a bit crowded for a weekday. There were couples, one or two families. I had almost occupied a table that had 4 chairs. Interrupted by someone. I looked back. This was the man who takes orders.

 He asked, for how many people I needed table. And I was just myself. 

There begun the tragedy. He requested me to shift to another table which had two chairs. And it was towards a corner of the sitting area. That’s the predicament of being single and going to a restaurant. I could see others, chatting and eating.  I placed my order and waited till it arrived. In between the time made a couple of calls.

 I had my delicious dinner and a lesson.  Though I never tip for they charge service charge and VAT, this time I put a 10% of the bill as tip and left.